Who we are

Sattler & Partners was founded by two senior experts in corporate communication, both with decades of experience in advertising, marketing, market research, intercultural consultancy and not least, translation.

Nina Sattler-Hovdar:

Nina is a graduate translator who grew up in Norway and Austria. She is probably the best known transcreator in the German market, with decades of experience in translating and writing texts that are meant to inform, engage, and inspire.

After graduation, Nina worked for several years in executive market and consumer research positions in the Americas, coordinating many international corporate accounts. With her combined experience from the translation and marketing worlds, she specializes in advertising, corporate communication, public relations and other texts that, due to their business-critical nature, require top skills in writing for different B2B and B2C audiences. She is also the author of two highly acclaimed books on transcreation and a frequently booked speaker.

Nina is fluent in German, English, Norwegian, and Spanish.

Bernd J. Sattler:

With a doctorate in law, Bernd decided early on in his career to complement his analytical skills with intercultural experience in fields outside the legal realm.

Having worked for many years in top management positions in advertising and later on, in sales, for a wide range of different industries around the globe, Bernd has become a hands-on consultant for business-critical communication contexts. His strength lies in his remarkable ability to get people on board in a can-do spirit, thinking from a management perspective with finely-tuned intercultural sensitivity.

Bernd is fluent in German, English, and Spanish.

Our partners:

When communicating sensitive, business-critical messages you need to get all the nuances right. That is why we work only with a small, select team of international professionals who are recognized as top experts in their respective fields. Teams are assembled individually as needed for each project.