What we provide

At Sattler & Partners, we provide a range of language services depending on the goal of your communication project. Many projects will require a mix of services. Our main focus is from English into German and German into English, but we can also help with other languages, especially Norwegian and Spanish.


We provide premium-quality translations with a special focus on legal and financial documents such as contracts and agreements, financial reports, strategic documents, and more. Well-written, specialist translations are the right choice when you need to know exactly what the source text says, down to the smallest detail, without cultural adaptations.


Sometimes you may not have any source text at hand and need new content written from scratch. Or you have a preliminary version and need someone to copy-edit it. A media statement, a local e-mail campaign, or website updates, for instance. Our copywriting team can help with that, too.


Due to our many years in the consultancy business, as well as our experience in a variety of in-house positions, we know first-hand what kind of concerns you may be faced with. Let us help you find the best intercultural communication solution for your situation. Our consultancy service can be particularly helpful when you have subsidiaries abroad that you want to keep strong and motivated.


Transcreation (sometimes referred to as adaptation) is a service that encompasses all three services listed above: translation, copywriting, and intercultural consultancy. Examples of texts that require this combination can be brochures, employee magazines, website copy, press releases, and more generally, marketing collateral of all kinds. Transcreations are the right choice for any text that is meant to persuade, engage, and inspire.

Examples of texts that we can help you with:

Advertising copy
Brand manuals
CEO communication
Change management

Contracts and agreements
Crisis communication
CSR statements
Employee relations
Employer branding

Financial reports
Investor relations
M & A documents
Marketing collateral
Market research
Mission statements
New business pitches
Press releases
Speeches and presentations
Strategic documents
Sustainability reports

Website copy

However small or big your company or budget, we are here to help.
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